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Member schools must submit announcements through the TSSAA Portal. Out-of-state parties may send announcements to tssaa@tssaa.org. Announcements will generally be posted/approved within 48 hours. Announcements are automatically removed after sixty (60) days.

NOTE: Announcements concerning play days, preseason tournaments or 7-vs-7 passing leagues/tournaments will not be posted. Also, keep in mind that TSSAA Bylaws state that all sports must practice a minimum of three (3) days from the first allowed practice date before working with another school.

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Games Wanted

Coffee Co. Central High School is looking for Freshman Football games for September 23 and September 30. Please contact Head Coach, Doug Greene: greened@k12coffee.net.
Boys' Basketball
Beech High School is looking for two more teams to play Hall of Champions games on November 23. Teams will play two games. Please contact Coach Brown: carl.brown@sumnerschools.org if interested.
Elizabethton High School is looking to schedule boys' basketball games for the upcoming 2019-2020 season. Please contact Lucas Honeycutt: (423) 895-2945 or lucas.honeycutt@ecschools.net.
Freedom Preparatory Academy High School has the following Home open dates for 2019-2020 boys only: December 5,12; January 21, 23; February 3, 5. If interested, please contact Coach Johnson: johnsonb11@scsk12.org.
Haywood High School is looking to host a Hall of Fame game on November 22 or 23. If interested please contact Head Coach, Oliver Simmons: Oliver.Simmons@hcsk12.net.
Riverdale High School is looking for a boys only Hall of Fame game on November 19. Would prefer a home game with a return game guaranteed the next year. Anyone interested please contact Michael Voss: vossm@rcschools.net or (615) 542-5907.
Southwestern High School (Somerset, KY) 55 days old
Southwestern High School has the following open dates: January 21, 24, 25, 27, 28.  They are willing to do a two-year deal.  If you are interested, please contact Chris Baker: (606) 678-9000, (606) 233-0802, or chris.baker@pulaski.kyschools.us.
Summit High School has one boys basketball game to fill for the upcoming season. Anyone interested should contact Jim Fey: coachjfey@gmail.com or (615) 828-4667.
Girls' Basketball
Beech High School is looking for a game on November 25 or 26 and January 2 or 3. If you are interested please contact Kristi L. Utley: Kristi.utley@sumnerschools.org.
Powell High School is looking for two Varsity Teams to play a Hall of Fame game on November 19. If interested please contact Josh Fisher: john.fisher@knoxschools.org or (865) 256-8715.
Webb School of Knoxville is looking for a single game on either December 20 or 21 as part of the 5 Star Preps doubleheader. Please contact Shelley Collier: (865) 207-7380.
Brentwood High school is looking for a varsity baseball game March 31 or April 1. Contact Bill Moore: (615) 293-9990 or billm@wcs.edu.
Christ Presbyterian Academy is looking for a few more games to complete their schedule. They are looking for a home game on April 17 and they could host or travel on April 7 or April 8. If you are interested please contact Larry Nesbitt: larry.nesbitt@cpalions.org or Matt Carrigan: matt.carrigan@ccstn.org.
Clarksville Academy is looking for games on March 10, 16; April 16. If interested please contact coach Jake Peterson: jpeterson@clarksvilleacademy.com.
Coiumbia Academy is looking for one more game to complete their 2020 schedule. Open dates are March 17, 21; April 11.  If you are interested, contact Richie Estep: (615) 429-7537 or richie.estep@cabulldogs.org.
Ensworth High School is looking for Varsity baseball games on the following dates: March 9,10,11, 28; April 25. Please contact Jason Maxwell: maxwellj@ensworth.com if interested.
Kingston High School has the following open dates: March 24; April 3, 10, 20. Please contact Head Coach, Bruce Robinette: barobinette@roaneschools.com or (865) 604-4253.
Girls' Soccer
Cumberland Co. High School is looking for games for the weeks of September 30 and October 7. If interested, contact coach Cub Whitson: jwhitson1@ccschools.k12tn.net.
Loudon High School is looking for a home and home game on the following possible dates: January 21; February 11, 14, 17. If anyone is interested, contact Josh Graves: gravesj@loudoncounty.org.
Santa Fe High School is looking to complete their varsity basketball schedule. Available dates are: December 10; January 17, 18; February 4, 11. If interested, please contact Greg Lusk, Athletic Director: (931) 446-2427, luskg@mauryk12.org, or (931) 682-2172 Ext. 4475.
Waverly Central High School is seeking home/home boys and girls basketball games and have the following dates available: November 29, 30; December 19, 20, 21; January 13; February 13, 14. A few other dates are possible. If interested, contact Les Trotter: trotterl@hcss.org or (931) 619-1477.
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