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Member schools must submit announcments through the TSSAA Portal. Out-of-state parties may send announcments to tssaa@tssaa.org. Announcements will generally be posted/approved within 48 hours. Announcements are automatically removed after sixty (60) days.

NOTE: Announcements concerning play days, preseason tournaments or 7-vs-7 passing leagues/tournaments will not be posted. Also, keep in mind that TSSAA Bylaws state that all sports must practice a minimum of three (3) days from the first allowed practice date before working with another school.

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Games Wanted 37
Available Positions 55
Scrimmages 12
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DeKalb County High School is looking for a scrimmage for May 10. Contact Head Coach Steve Trapp: stevetrapp@dekalbschools.net if interested.
Harriman High School is looking for a varsity Fall scrimmage on August 2, 2019. Contact Travis Tapp: (865) 765-0537.
Hendersonville High School is looking for scrimmages for both the spring and fall. Dates for the Spring are May 2/3 or May 9/10. Could do Home or Away. Dates for the Fall are August 1, 2, 6, 9, or 13. Home or Away can be worked out. If you are interested, please contact James Beasely: (615) 264-6031 or james.beasley@sumnerschools.org.
Hillsboro High School is looking for a spring scrimmage, JV games, and Varsity summer scrimmages. Dates and location are flexible. If interested please contact Jamaal Stewart: Jamaal.stewart@mnps.org or Anthony Brown anthony.brown@mnps.org
Houston County High School is looking for a scrimmage August 2 and August 9. Please Contact Head Coach, Orman Meadow: (931) 237-5914 or meadowo@houstonk12tn.net.
Hunters Lane High School is looking for scrimmages on August 1 or 2 and August 8. Please contact Head Football Coach, Preston Scott: preston.scott@mnps.org.
McCallie School is looking for two scrimmages next fall, one on August 6 and another on August 9. Please contact Ralph Potter: rpotter@mccallie.org.
Northwest High School is looking for scrimmages on the following dates: May 2, 10; August 2, 9 (would like to host three teams for a multi-look scrimmage). If you are interested, please contact Coach Furnish: neil.furnish@cmcss.net.
Page High School is looking for a team to participate in a scrimmage at Page on August 9, 2019. If interested please contact Charles Rathbone: charlesr1@wcs.edu or (615) 472-4730.
New Trinity Academy (Gray, TN) 20 hours old
Trinity Academy is looking for scrimmages for May 9 or 10, home or away, and August 9 and 15 or 16, home or away. If you are interested, please contact Scott Allgood: (423) 360-1872 or scott.allgood@trinityacademyknights.org.
Tuscola High School (Waynesville, NC) 23 days old
Tuscola High School is seeking a Varsity and JV scrimmage on August 16.  If interested, please contact Head Coach, J.T. Postell: (828) 557-1540.
Whites Creek High School is in need of one scrimmage in May and two scrimmages in the Fall. Please contact Clifton Davis: qbcoach19@gmail.com or CODavis@mnps.org.
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