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Announcements Of General Interest to Coaches, Schools, and Officials

Member schools must submit announcments through the TSSAA Portal. Out-of-state parties may send announcments to tssaa@tssaa.org. Announcements will generally be posted/approved within 48 hours. Announcements are automatically removed after sixty (60) days.

NOTE: Announcements concerning play days, preseason tournaments or 7-vs-7 passing leagues/tournaments will not be posted. Also, keep in mind that TSSAA Bylaws state that all sports must practice a minimum of three (3) days from the first allowed practice date before working with another school.

Category Posts
Upcoming Camps 40
Upcoming Classics 34
Equipment 3
Games Wanted 51
Available Positions 158
Scrimmages 7
Upcoming Tournaments 50


East Hickman High School is looking for a scrimmage on May 18, 2018. If interested, please contact Head Coach Brian Pence: brian.pence@hickmank12.org or at (281) 309-2087.
Greenback High School is looking for teams interested in scrimmaging July 27 or 28. Interested teams should contact Greenback HC Greg Ryan: (865) 806-2492.
Hendersonville High School is looking for a scrimmage on the following dates: May 3, 7, or 11. If interested please contact James Beasley: (615) 264-6031 or james.beasley@sumnerschools.org.
Hillsboro High School is looking for scrimmages on July 26, 27, or 31. Please contact Coach Anthony Brown: (615) 500-0023 or anthony.brown@mnps.org.
McCracken Co. High School (Paducah, KY) 52 days old
McCracken Co. High School is in need a scrimmage on August 3 or 4 and on August 10. They would like to host one of the scrimmages. If interested, please contact Cary White: (270) 816-2307 or carywhite@comcast.net.
Mount Juliet Christian Academy is looking for a scrimmage May 14-19 2018, and for July 26-28, 2018. If interested contact Head Coach, Dan Davis: (615) 491-2819 or coachdavismjca@gmail.com.
Rockvale Middle School is looking for a scrimmage May 7-18. They are willing to change to fit a scrimmage date. Contact Head Coach, Torey Patterson: pattersonto@rcschools.net.
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