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St. Andrew's-Sewanee School has the following for sale: Two sets(4) Scrambler Porta Phones - $500. A set of football stencils $400. Yard markers and pylons $100. : Helmet rack for $100. 29 football shoulder pads. 4-Stack shoulder pad rack - $200. Two navy blue Schutt football helmets $100 each, one year old. Lots of older helmets. Lots of girdles, pads and pants. 5 Adam rib pads $20 each. Contact Rob Zeitler:
St. Andrew's-Sewanee School has the following for sale: Casey pitching machine. $500. L screen - used one year, $150. Contact Rob Zeitler:
St. Andrew's-Sewanee School has the following for sale: Used catcher equipment for $100. One set of bases $200.  Wind weight field tarp 18' diameter $350, 26' diameter $600. 31 bags of field conditioner $40, 3 bags of mound clay $10, 4 bags of mule mix $20. Cocoa drag mat 6X2 $175, 4X2 $150. Contact Rob Zeitler:
Clarksville Academy is looking for a wrestling mat. Still in good quality shape. Would be used for practices and matches. Willing to pickup by renting a tralier/uhaul etc.. If you have a good mat and looking to sell please let Coach Nick Williamson: or Athletic Director Jake Peterson: